We Give Thanks!


So now, what can I ever give back to God to repay him for the blessings he’s poured out on me?  I will lift up his cup of salvation and praise him extravagantly for all that he’s done for me.  I will fulfill the promise I made to God in the presence of his gathered people.  When one of God’s holy lovers dies, it is costly to the Lord, touching his heart.  Lord, because I am your loving servant, you have broken open my life and freed me from my chains.  Now I’ll worship you passionately and bring to you my sacrifice of praise, drenched with thanksgiving!




 FIVE WAYS GRATITUDE AFFECTS YOUR BRAIN                                                                                                               O. C. Tanner

 In recent years, study after study has been published about how gratitude promotes positive brain activity, a healthier life, and a happier   workplace.  

  1. The brain’s natural response to gratitude is to activate a reward center that increases social bonds. Every time you say a simple “thank you” your brain is flooded with positive chemicals.
  2. Giving gratitude has been directly linked to reducing depression and anxiety, and increasing overall personal well-being. It’s also a natural shield against negative emotions.
  3. Ever heard of the hypothalamus? It’s the part of the brain that is responsible for keeping the status quo throughout the body. When gratitude is expressed, this area of the brain is pushed to excel, keeping your body in peace, balance, and harmony.
  4. Want to be more resilient to stress? Give more gratitude! People who are grateful for the small things in life typically recover more quickly from very stressful situations.
  5. Do you dream of falling into a deep sleep every night? People who express gratitude regularly sleep better, feel refreshed, and have less chronic pain.


In this strange city I was left,
no one to care for me.
All eyes were turned away,
as I searched for something,
for someone…  
Not to show they cared,
for this I had no need.
But to be fed,
for I was hungry, oh so hungry.
My soul cried out, won’t someone, anyone, help me?  
It was then that I met a man.
Powerful, yet caring,
he must be a king!
I fell on my knees,
I had no choice.
I cried at his feet,
dear sir, have mercy on me.
He looked at me, and
with love in his eyes,
he placed a nail-scarred hand on mine
and suddenly my hunger was gone.  
In its place was peace and joy,
no more was I hungry or                        
I stood now before him,
a brand new creature,
whose heart and soul will forever be…                          
For my God,
For I will forever be His.                                                                                                         By Joyce C.